Our standard weekly, fortnightly and monthly service include:
  • Full water test and balance
  • Brush down of walls, steps and swim out area
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwashing sandfilter or cleaning filter cartridge
  • Cleaning salt cell or chlorinator injection point (as needed)
  • Removal of surface and suspended debris
  • Inspection of all pumps, filters, automatic pool cleaners, exposed plumbing and onsite cleaning equipment
  • A full report on all maintenance conducted during the visit

Prices Excluding GST:

Weekly Service* $60
Fortnightly Service* $60
Monthly Service* $65
Non Regular, One off, Emergency Service* $90
Manual Pool Vacuum* From $20
Call Out Fee / Green Pool Inspection $30

* Plus Chemicals and Parts as Required. Prices maybe subject to change.

Terms of Service

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